What is the Best Bamboo Wok Brush?

by R7eagle | Last Updated:  May 7, 2021
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If you own a wok, you might be in the market for a wok brush. Wok brushes are helpful kitchen accessories to help you clean your wok. Most bamboo brushes are made from strips of bamboo. The key to choosing the right brush is to choose one that’s strong enough to get rid of food particles while also being soft enough to avoid damaging the wok.

Shopping for a Wok Brush

While there are many wok brushes, of varying styles, available today, you can find them in cookware stores, Asian markets, or online. Regardless of where you purchase the brush, always take note of the wok brush’s construction before buying it. The wok brush should look like a cut-up bamboo strip with binding at the top to keep it together.

If you purchase your brush in a store, test the brush by running it on your hand and notice how soft or abrasive it feels. If it physically causes you pain to run it across your skin, then the bristles may be too harsh. If it’s too soft, though, you’ll be buying a brush that won’t do much cleaning. The ideal bristles should be firm without being too abrasive.

If you purchase your brush online make sure that they have a good return policy if the bristles are too coarse. Good online stores will allow you to return an unused wok brush if you find the brush not suitable for your needs.

The reason why you should always test your brush before purchasing is that the bristles could damage the wok. The wok’s patina can be damaged by using any abrasive tools, so you want to pay attention to the brush used for cleaning.

Many wok shops have a selection of wok brushes in different bristle sizes. The length of the bristles is usually 8-11 inches. This size is ideal for cleaning a wok, especially when it is hot. The width of the brush is about an inch with the bristles measuring 3/16 of an inch.

Wok brushes haven’t changed significantly over time, and you’ll find that a brush can be used for years. Bamboo does break down over time, though, and with frequent use. When you notice that the bristles start to blunt, you may want to move onto a different brush. Some people who use their woks frequently keep a few brushes on hand, so they’re always prepared. Check this out at Amazon

Styles of Brushes

There are many different styles of brushes but the their function remains the same and that function is to clean your wok.

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Tools To Avoid

People who treat their wok like it’s a regular pan usually end up scratching the surface when they turn to traditional cleaning instruments. After all, a wok is a unique kitchen tool that’s easy to clean, but you want to avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbers. Never use any scrubbing tools on the wok as this will also cut through the seasoning and may even scratch the surface.

Harsh soaps and chemicals also damage the surface of the wok. Many cooks may not even use soap or use a mild detergent for tough particles if they use it. With a wok brush, you’ll be able to get your pan clean every time. Some cooks even use this tool for cast iron pans, as they also need to retain their seasoning over time.

Benefits of a Wok Brush

Although some people use sponges or other non-abrasive tools on their wok, consider a bamboo brush for the best results. There is a reason why people developed and used this type of brush over time. It’s specifically designed to clean a wok and will give you better results than other options.

Unlike other cleaning options, bamboo cleans efficiently and can withstand high temperatures. It won’t melt like plastic or even sponges when cleaning a hot wok. It’s also much easier to clean a wok when it’s hot, so the bamboo brush makes cleanup fast and efficient.

Even the length of the bristles is a benefit. When cleaning a hot wok, you probably don’t want your hands to be too close to the surface. With the 11 inches, you’ll have good control while cleaning without getting your hands burned.

Caring For Your Brush

Now that you have a better idea of why a wok brush makes a great tool, you can get your own and use it on your wok. Caring for the brush is simple and doesn’t take much work. Rinse out the brush after each use and let air-dry. For best results, it’s best to hand-wash, although you can clean in the dishwasher.

With a brush, you’ll get a clean wok efficiently every time so consider getting yours today.