Three Reasons to Use a Wok Instead of a Frying Pan

by R7eagle | Last Updated:  October 14, 2020
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If you enjoy cooking, you may wonder about using a wok vs. frying pan. What’s the difference? Both seem to have the same essential function, but a wok uses less oil, usually gives you a better result, and is often easier for beginning cooks. These are just three simple reasons you should use a wok for your cooking, but here’s a breakdown of each reason.

1. Using Less Oil

If you’re trying to avoid adding excessive oil to your cooking, you could use a non-stick frying pan; however, a seasoned wok functions much the same way. It’s developed a patina over time, which adds flavor to dishes and keeps them from sticking.

You typically can reduce the oil in your cooking by about a half when using a wok. If you’re using a seasoned wok, you’ll find that it’s easier to cook high heat items while using less oil, which results in healthier dishes overall.

2. Better Cooking Methods

When it comes to using a wok, you can expect your dishes to come out better as well. A wok distributes heat evenly, helping to avoid any burned foods while you’re cooking. If you’re comfortable tossing the pan during stir-frying, you’ll find that it lands back in the pan. Food tossing is much harder to do well when using a frying pan.

The patina of a wok bears repeating. Seasoned woks retain flavor in the patina or the finish of the pan. This seasoning contributes to the flavor of dishes. When cooking savory foods in your wok, you’ll find that they have a richer flavor than your frying pan, and this is why it’s a good idea to use your wok when you want to enjoy flavorful dishes. This wok would be a great wok to start with!

3. Easier for Beginning Cooks

People who don’t know how o use a wok often shy away from it, believing that it will be more challenging to cook. However, a wok is a versatile tool in the kitchen that’s easier to use than most standard pans.

A wok takes much of the guesswork out of cooking and comes in a variety of sizes. People often start with a small wok and then work their way up to a larger size over time.

A wok is also a safer option as well for most beginning chefs. The wok’s high sides make it harder for oil to splash, so you don’t have to worry as much about getting burned. The fact that the sides are higher in a wok than a frying pan is an excellent feature for chefs concerned with injuries in the kitchen.

Turn To Your Wok

Although these three reasons aren’t the only ones why a wok makes an excellent choice for frying foods, it’s a great overview of why you should consider these dishes. If you’re not sure, try making the same dish in your frying pan and wok and compare them. The chances are that you’ll love the wok’s results and never go back to your frying pan.