How to Season a Wok With Wooden Handles

If you have a new wok and it has one or two wooden or bamboo helper handles, you need to season these types of woks with a specific a method in order to preserve the wood or bamboo.

The handles have to be:

  1. Removed if seasoning in an oven
  2. Covered with wet towels and foil if seasoned in an oven
  3. Left uncovered if seasoning on top of an oven or on a wok burner



Both wooden or bamboo handles must be protected during the seasoning process in order to preserve the color and composition of the handles. If the wooden or bamboo handles cannot be removed, they must be covered with a wet towel and then aluminum foil.

Several years ago I seasoned one of my woks in my oven and did not protect the wooden handles. You will be able to see below the results.

Even though the helper handle is burned, it is still usable. At the time I seasoned this wok, I did not know how to protect the wooden helper handle.

Below I created a step by step method of wrapping your wooden or bamboo wok handles. If you follow these simple instructions you will never burn your wok handles.