Frequently Asked Questions-Sometimes but not always!

Why is Teflon bad?
If the Teflon cookware is overheated beware. Teflon is sometimes a safe and stable compound. However, at temperatures above 570°F (300°C), Teflon coatings on nonstick cookware start to break down, releasing toxic chemicals into the air. You can get polymer fume fever aka Teflon flu (headaches, chills, fever), and if it’s real bad acute lung injury. This gas is strong enough to kill dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals.
What are the symptoms of cast iron toxicity?

In rare instances there are times when cooking with cast iron creates iron toxicity. The initial symptoms of iron toxicity can be fatigue, unexplained weight loss, muscle weakness, loss of sex drive, and more. If the iron toxicity is severe, grey skin and other problems with the heart, and liver may develop. At times blood sugar issues may arise.


Is Cast Iron the safest cookware?

Cast iron is a great choice if you wish to avoid chemically-treated cookware. Cooking with cast iron provides dietary iron via the food that is cooked in it and this is usually wonderful for menstruating women and growing children. Iron in children is essential for the growth of children. In rare instances, cooking with cast iron may be troubling for men and post-menopausal women who might have elevated iron levels. In certain circumstances cooking with cast iron may raise iron levels too high, causing iron toxicity. Understand that this is rare, and if you are concerned about the possibility of being exposed to high levels of iron in your blood, you might consider getting a blood test to see the level of iron in your body. Using cast iron is safe.

Are Carbon Steel Pans Toxic?

Carbon steel is very safe to use because it is made from carbon and iron which is a very safe cooking material. Carbon steel cookware doesn’t contain toxic substances like other modern nonstick cookware. Carbon steel cookware is one of the safest cooking materials you can cook with.

Is Carbon Steel Toxic?

Carbon steel cookware is slightly heavier than stainless steel but it is considerably lighter than cast iron. Carbon steel and cast iron is made of iron and carbon and is reactive with acidic foods. This reactive acidic reaction will leach iron into your food. Iron leaching is non-toxic when you cook with carbon steel or cast iron cookware.

Does Cast Iron Cause Cancer?

Cast iron is made of iron and carbon. No other compounds or metals are combined with iron and carbon to make cast iron cookware like woks or frying pans. Neither carbon nor iron is carcinogenic. Cast iron is very safe. The same cannot be said of aluminum or stainless steel.