Best Wok Lids for 2021

by R7eagle | Last Updated:  May 7, 2021
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One important feature of using your wok is the wok lid. While this is an area that’s not always considered, a wok lid makes a big difference when it comes to cooking. There isn’t one right lid out there, but I prefer a metal lid with a large wooden or bamboo handle. Usually, when I remove a lid it is very hot and I do not want to burn myself so the large wooden handle helps.

Personally, I don’t really care if my wok lid is non-stick. A wok lid does not usually have food stuck to it unless you tip it upside down and use it as a wok (not recommended). When you use your wok lid the inside either has water on it or is covered in oil from cooking that takes place below.

Since you usually wash the lid with soap and water after using it there is no need to waste your money to buy a wok lid that is non-stick. They wash easily.

Some of the other lids have wooden knobs on the top of the lid. This would be my second choice. The lids with the wooden knobs usually have a rounder shape to them which makes it easy to use a steam basket under the lid. In this case, I would prefer the round lid with the wooden knob.

Most of the time I use a lid when I make popcorn, steam vegetables, with or without a basket steamer or just to keep my prepared food warm. Some times when I cook meat in my wok, I like to keep it covered so that the grease does not go all over my oven. Check out these amazing lids below.

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Melting Domes

There is another type of lid that I really like. This lid is called a “melting dome” and looks very similar to the wok lids you can buy for your wok.

However, the main difference is that it is made of stainless steel. The nice thing about this lid is that you can use it on your wok and also to help you melt or keep foods warm on your grill. Golly, two functions all rapped up into one.

I found that all melting domes have rolled edges that help to seal the container or wok when you need to keep it covered.

Here is just one example of a 9-inch melting dome at Amazon. This dome will fit perfectly in a 10″ wok.

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If you desire a melting dome with a larger diameter, check out these stainless steel domes at Amazon. The maximum diameter of most melting domes is 12.5-inches.

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Wok Lid Considerations

When you purchase a wok, you’ll first want to consider if it comes with a lid. Not all woks do, although you can always buy your own. It may be easier to purchase a set with a lid to ensure you get a good fit if you find that a tight fitting lid is high on your priority list.

When using a wok, understand that you are not using it as a pressure cooker where lids have to be perfect and seal the contents with absolute precision. All of my wok lids are loose fitting and I have never had a problem with that.

I would rather put my time and money into finding a good wok and the lid selection would take a back seat.

Never sacrifice convenience for quality, though. If you find a wok you love, purchase it and then prepare to spend a little extra time shopping for a lid.

The material of your lid also plays a large difference in your choice. Metal lids are more insulating and can be used in the oven easily. However, they will make it more challenging to cook since you will have to remove the lid to assess your cooking. Cooking with a glass lid makes it easier to keep an eye on meals but may not be insulating. This is an area where you have to make a trade-off, so decide what’s more important to you.

Make sure to review the handle type as well. Many woks come with a lid that has a wooden knob on the lid. The advantage of this is that the lid will stay cool when cooking at high heat. However, you won’t be able to put the lid into the oven. If you want to cook with a wok in the oven with the lid on top, you’ll have to use another lid. Metal lids can be used in the oven safely and heat up quickly, requiring the use of oven-safe mitts.

Favorite and Preferred Lids

Although you should use the information above to review which lid is best for your cooking style, I enjoy a few options. I’ve cooked with some of these options and appreciate each one.

Joyce Chen Nonstick steel dome lid is a great option. What I love about this wok lid is that the top is rounded and steam baskets fit nicely under it. This lid is designed for a 14-inch wok, which is a standard size. The rolled edge is a nice feature for a tight fit. Also, the birch-wood knob offers both fashion and function.

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Another good option is the wok with lid and spatula. This is not a lid on its own but a combination wok and lid. The pan is heavy duty die cast aluminum and comes with a tempered glass vented lid. This lid is a great tool to have with a wok since it’s heat-resistant and explosion-proof.

When I’m cooking dishes that require close monitoring, you’d better believe that this is the lid I choose. Check this functional wok and lid combination out here at Amazon.

One final option that I like is the Natural Wood Wok lid. Strictly speaking, this is not a lid that you would use to cook with a wok. Instead, it’s a great tool that you can place on top of a finished dish to cover and insulate your meal until ready to be served.

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07STVB174″ apilink=”″ associate-id=”” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”LargeImage” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”1. Made of natural cedarwood, environment friendly and healthy.~~~2. Made by experienced carpenters, detail-oriented. Thickness: 1.5CM, bevel edge. External diameter is around 1cm larger than internal diameter, so that it fits your wok perfectly.~~~3. Various size for different woks and pans.~~~4. Lighter than glass lid and anti-bacteria due to the carbonized wood” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″]Natural Wood Wok lid/Cover Healthy and Environment Friendly Anti-bacteria Light (36cm/14inch)[/amalinkspro]

Not only does this lid have a naturally beautiful service, but it also allows me to take the wok from stove top to table without any additional steps. You can find the lid on various surfaces, so it’s a great option regardless of your wok size.

Buying a Wok Lid

Now that you have a few options consider having more than one wok lid handy. I enjoy a few different options and, if you have space, consider having at least two options for versatility when cooking with a wok.